Responsible Gambling

The Seven Responsible Gaming Principles serve as the foundation for the WLA Responsible Gaming Framework (RGF). The WLA RGF consists of four levels of achievement and 10 Program elements. It outlines how lotteries can demonstrate their level of commitment to the WLA Responsible Gaming Principles. The WLA RGF allows for cultural and regional differences and is designed to complement and improve – not replace – the safeguards that individual lottery operators have in place.

Each of the four levels achievement reflects how successfully a lottery has implemented the RG Principles into its day-to-day operations. The more advanced the responsible gaming program, the higher the level of achievement.

Level 1: Commitment

All WLA members qualify for this level. By becoming a member of the WLA your lottery has agreed to embrace the WLA RG Principles. Hence the criteria for the level 1 certification have been fulfilled.

Level 2: Self-Assessment and Gap Analysis

Members complete a self-assessment and determine what RG programs need to be build to ensure the organization addresses all the Principles.

Level 3: Planning and Implementation

Members need to develop a plan, a timetable and a budget to implement specific RG programs.

Level 4: Continuous Improvement

Members are implementing specific programs into their day-to-day operations and are continuously improving their programs.
The broad categories of commitments and actions that members must translate into actual programs are the 10 Program Elements of the RG Framework.